Winter Blues Herbal Remedy box

Winter Blues Herbal Remedy box


Setting Intentions of comfort and compassion, this herbal box was gathered and made in a unique small batch of only 12.  In Upstate NY we experience real winter. cold, wet, sometimes overcast for days. Real Winter is a teacher, and it taught us, our needs in winter are community, comfort and care! There is wisdom in caring for yourself and loved ones, with extra warmth and tenderness. This box contains,

2oz. Winter Tea-Loose leaf, herbal, naturally non-caffeinated, with Lemon Balm, Tulsi, Rose, Gotu Kola and Rose Hips. Full of vitamin C, and herbs for refreshment, clarity, warmth and encouragement. Comes with one reusable unbleached muslin tea strainer.

Herbal Eye pillow-Rice, Balsam Fir, Rosemary and lavender

10ml Essential Oil roll on-Eucalyptus, Jade Lemon and Cedar, in Apricot Kernel oil. An uplifting, joyful blend, citrus note for happiness and Cedar for stamina, Eucalyptus for Breath.

1 oz.Herbal finishing salt-CEltic grey sea salt, with Balsam Fir, Rosemary and Sage. Let your Food be your Medicine!! 

Herbal DIY zine-A simply colorful Zine, with recipes for the beginner or family herbalist, illustrated with colored pencil sketches.  

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