Our teaching comes from our 18 years of experience on the homestead, raising our children, our animals, our garden. Adjusting to a different rhythm of life. Where we depend on the seasons and natural cycles of day and night, reaping and sowing, rather than life based on a clock. A building, making, taking nature in your hands, life style.  As these skills are developed, values become more grounded, small experiences have more meaning. Gratitude is cultivated. If you are ready to take a step towards sustainability, take a look at our classes. There is a wide variety of excellent homestead skills for you to learn. Choose from a weekend spinning class, to garden, herbal, or milk cow! 


Handspinning Class

Have you always wished to know how to make that yarn you are knitting with? I remember that feeling, over 16 years ago the spinning bug bite me.  Handspinning is an ageless tradition, one that our ancestors participated in for survival. Find a warm connection to your past as you learn a relaxing skill that you will always remember. like riding a bike. Here on the farm, our sheep produce the wool, which is shorn once a year, to keep our sheep cool and clean. The fiber from shearing is washed then carded, so the fibers are all facing the same direction. At this point the wool is ready to be spun into a soft magical yarn. requiring no electricity, just human power. In class you will work on a louete spinning wheel, guided to create your first handspun yarn, using fiber grown on our land by the cute grass munchers.  plan on three hours. all materials are included. Class is in person on the Farm

Intro to Primitive Woodworking Class

Work with your hands, and wood! Traditional, primitive woodworking skills. one on one with your instructor. We will learn how to use a draw shave and shaping hatchet. On a shave bench, no power tools involved, just human power. We will make a spoon, cutting board or spatula, while you add to your survival skills. 

Tree Medicine Weekend Workshop

Learn about tree remedies! Tree ID walks, Salve, tincture and essential oil making. Primitive woodcarving with Dean. Organic, local, meals included, Friday night supper, Saturday breakfast and lunch. specific details will be emailed to you at the time of your ticket purchase.